Imprint Reader

Imprint Reader is an innovative product that reads Imprint data from company or individual websites and produces a structured, formatted output.

Imprint Reader provides you the following in a structured & formatted file for companies or individuals from their websites. The Reader fetches data from the respective websites and are subject to their availability.

  • Complete address including Street, City, Postal Code and Country
  • Telephone and Telefax numbers formatted as country - dial code - phone number
  • Emails and Web Address
  • Company registration number like HR Number, Court, Umsatz number etc.
  • First Name, Last Name, Titles, Salutation and Function of the top level management / owner
  • The service is fast and is capable of reading imprint from hundreds of websites a minute.
  • The speed of individual websites being processed also plays an important role and may impact the actual speed for your batch.
  • On an average, a batch of 10000 records takes 24 hours for turnaround as the dispatch of processed files are done manually for the time being.
  • Soon the Imprint Reader will be offered as an online service and the turnaround time will be reduced to the actual time taken to process your input file.

You may try the application for free.

You can send us 100 records for processing under free trial by following the simple steps below:

  • Create a sample input file with the Name of the Company /Individual and either the city or postal code or weblink of the company
  • The sample input file needs to be in one of the following formats with no particular ordering of the fields: .xls, .xlsx, .csv
  • Once you have the input file, click here to send the file or send it yourself to with a subject line "Imprint"
  • That's it. We will send you the processed file to the email address from which you have sent the input file.

We will soon introduce a price list for our products online.

For now you can send us an e-mail at to get a quote based on the volume you wish to order.

We have special rates for high volumes and periodic orders.

Please contact our sales team at for more information

Try it for free

We will process 100 records for free under the free trial offer.

Send us your file to process at


In case of any queries or problems, please contact us and we will be happy to help

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